Quickly Access All Your Google Services in One Place.

It’s like having an Inbox for everything!

Expand and collapse your own unique Integrated Inbox of features like Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google News, Google Contacts and more… upgrade to our Plus or Pro editions and get access to features like Google Plus, Google Voice, Google Play – Music & Books, Google Keep, and even Custom Integrations coming soon!


Multiple Account Support — Gmail & Google Apps

It just works, whether you are in Gmail or Google Apps — setup the perfect mix of integrations for each account, and even login to multple accounts — your integrations will know which account you are logged on with and just work!

Customizable – You Choose!

Not only can you pick which integrations you’d like from Google Calendar to Google Voice — but you can drag and drop them in any order — until you get your inbox just how you like it. Want your 2 week calendar above your inbox? Go for it… for once you are in control, all in ONE TAB.

Sync to the Cloud.

Once you get your integrations setup just right, you’ll want them everywhere — we don’t blame you! With our new Cloud Settings (available in the Plus & Pro editions), just install IntegratedInbox at another location — work, home, laptop, or even at your Moms — and sync your settings from your existing setup, allowing you to get back to work quickly. Even save multiple configurations — so you can run as lean, creative or integrated as you want!

You get our commitment.

When Gmail changes, we change too. You have our 100% commitment. We promise to keep Integrated Inbox user-friendly, time-saving and as helpful as possible