• All your Google needs in one place

Bring all your favorite Google Services to your Gmail Inbox

Your inbox can have it all.

With Integrated Inbox for Gmail, you’ll experience full integration of all Google web apps—right in your inbox. Everything you use—will be at your fingertips. For personal use, and for businesses, Integrated Inbox has benefits galore:

Dramatically increase your productivity.

We’re not kidding. Do you know how much time it wastes to constantly switch between screens and tasks? A lot. Imagine everything you use right in front of you for easy access (Google Calendar, Drive, News). Better workflow, guaranteed.

Even your Notifications are integrated.

Be updated automatically when new things happen… new Gmail messages, new Google Voice items, and if that wasn’t enough, new Tracks as they change in your Google Play music. (Available for Plus & Pro users)

Not only that-it’s customizable

Not everyone loves things the same way… with Integrated Inbox for Gmail, you can choose your own configuration! Hide things that aren’t relevant, and bring what’s important to you to the front.

“I very much like this program. It has helped me with managing my emails, calendar and contacts all at once.”

Harry Sarvis

“Integrated Gmail is such an awesome tool! I’ve been using it for a year now and it helped me customize my inbox the way I want it! Definitely a must have for anyone who wants an organized inbox like me!.”

Leah Raymundo

“Just installed a took a quick look at it… instantly decided I couldn’t live without it.”

Night Monkey



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