Support for the Latest and Greatest Firefox Quantum!

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to ask us about support for the upcoming changes with the new Firefox Quantum and their move to WebExtensions.

The short answer is, YES, we’re happy to report that Integrated Inbox with support for Firefox Quantum will be rolling out soon! Finally, the features we’ve been waiting on from the Mozilla team have been added to the latest version so you’ll be able to smoothly transition when the time comes.

We’ve been working as closely as possible with the Firefox team to be sure that we’ll be compatible with the coming versions of Firefox so you can continue to work with all your favorite integrations so we can continue as well to be a Featured Addon as we are proud to have been now for many years now in Addons for Firefox!

Thanks for your patience as we’ve been pushing for these improvements with the team responsible for migrating to WebExtensions. The Mozilla team has put their very best on the case showing their support to us and other Addons that required changes to the API in order to move to Firefox Quantum.

We’re thankful for their co-operation and dedication to helping us continue to offer a product many of you use every day and have shared that you can’t live without it.

Your Integrated Inbox team!

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