“Integrated Gmail is such an awesome tool! I’ve been using it for a year now and it helped me customize my inbox the way I want it! Definitely a must have for anyone who wants an organized inbox like me!.”

Leah Raymundo

“Just installed a took a quick look at it… instantly decided I couldn’t live without it.”

Night Monkey

I very much like this program. It has helped me with managing my emails, calendar and contacts all at once.

Harry Sarvis
More love from our users…

“Great app. Really like everything on one screen.”

J McChesney

“GREAT productivity enhancement!! My inbox, cal, and contacts all on one page. No jumping around from tab to tab.”

D Koelsch

“This is a fantastic add-on that saves me tons of time every day. Our corporate e-mail is hosted on Google Apps and I can’t imagine having to work without this plugin. On top of that, the developer is incredibly helpful and responsive. This is definitely a ‘must-have‘ add-on for Gmail users.”

A. White

“Probably the best add-on for Gmail. Saves me from always having the calendar open on another tab and now I read my blogs! Support is great…had a problem, Michael emailed immediately and voila… all is good again!!!”

Agela Smith

“Absolute best add-on I have, only had this less than an hour and I love it, love it, love it. Just makes so much sense, everything in one place…how is the developer going to better this?”


“Freakin’ awesome! I love this add-on! It saves me tons of time… when I can add info from an email to my calendar without switching tabs, or look up a phone number in Google voice to send to a friend in an email.”

John Smith