Make your inbox your everything box

With Basic, Pro and Plus editions of Integrated Inbox for Gmail, we’ve got just what you need to integrate your life and/or business into one place.
Choose from the following Integrations How many do I get? Pricing
Google Search
Google Calendar
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Google Groups
Google Maps
Google Sites
Google News
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Google Finance

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36 29/yr

Includes all free integrations

Google Voice
Google Drive
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Google Keep

Digg Reader
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with Multiple Account Support!

Go Pro to register up to 3 of your Gmail or Google Apps addresses
60 49/yr

Includes all free & plus integrations

Google Plus - photos
Google Plus - stream
Google Play - Music
Google Play - books
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Remember the Milk

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Bonus Plus/Pro features:
   Notifications In browser notifications for integrations + Popup Notifications with Details, Productivity Tweaks & Priority Support

Accepted methods of payments:


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and also gift and prepaid cards that are one of the above types.

Your transaction is privately and securely handled by Stripe

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What browsers does Integrated Inbox support?
A: Currently Integrated Inbox is available as an addon for Firefox — the Chrome version will be coming later this year. If you would like to be notified when it’s available — please signup here.
Q: Can I get a free trial of the Plus or Pro version?
A: If this is your first time trying Integrated Inbox, just download our Free version and you’ll automatically receive a free 7 day Pro trial (no credit card info required). The only information required is your email address to get started.
Q: I already have Integrated Inbox, how do I upgrade?
A: If you are currently using the Plus version, please contact us to upgrade to the Pro version (we’ll be adding upgrade features soon).
Q: I love Integrated Inbox, but how can I disable the tagline “Sent from my integrated inbox”?
A: No problem, we appreciate the love and understand — we wont take it personally :). Just click on the Integrated Inbox icon at the top right of your Gmail/Google Apps inbox and you’ll see an option on the General Configuration tab to disable the tagline. See here.
Q: It has been a year since I signed up, anything I need to do to renew?
A: Nope! It is all handled automatically, if your credit card has expired you will get an email asking you to update it. If you have any questions, or wish to cancel (sadness…) contact us at