New Version with Google Contacts Fix and New Integrations

Thanks to those who’ve reported recent issues with Google Contacts after recent changes by Google to discontinue the original Contacts version — this new version releases a custom Google Contacts view that should work well for all users. If you are having issues please let us know.

And now for some new Integrations.

instapaper zoho-crm-large

Plus and Pro users you can now load your Instapaper feed and exclusively for Pro users, we’ve added Zoho CRM by request.

Thanks for your suggestions

Please keep your integration requests coming, we’ll do the best to keep the top requests coming.

Thanks again to all those who reported the Google Contacts issue, for helping us to keep Integrated Inbox working smoothly with the latest version of Gmail and Google Apps!

Have a great integrated day!

P.S. – If you aren’t on 3.7 yet, don’t worry you’ll be auto updated via the Firefox Addons updates soon — or you can visit here to update manually

  • Written by: Liebly

    What about a SAFARI VERSION for MAC USERS?? WE STILL USE GOOGLE CAL, MAIL, and stuff, TOO, you know!!

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