Updated Release & New Integrations on the Way

Hope you’ve had a great Valentine’s Day Weekend.  

We’ve just released an update of Integrated Inbox (Version 3.3.4) that will be rolling out via auto update in Firefox soon for everyone.

This update fixes an issue related to a recent Gmail change for Google Music users. (Thanks to CeeDee for reporting this issue so we could fix it quickly )

Plus in preparation for Firefox 27 and the new improved toolbar we’ve added our icon as quick way to access Integrated Inbox and to contact us about your ideas and support requests.

More exciting news in the next feature release, we’re adding more integrations to make you more productive – Pocket so you can keep up on your reading and HelloFax to monitor your incoming faxes….. more coming soon.

Stay tuned and let us know what integrations you want to see next in the comments!

P.S. – If you missed our previous updates, we’ve recently added some other integrations like Evernote, Digg, Feedly, Twitter and more for our Plus and Pro users. Not a Pro user? Upgrade today.

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  • Written by: Stefan Messler

    Since the last update i have a problem with calender not loading right.
    Hope there will be a bugfix.

    best regards
    Stefan Messler

  • Written by: integratedinbox

    Thanks for reporting this issue Stefan, sorry you are having a problem with the calendar. Could you share more details on the issue you are experiencing?

    We’ll work on getting a fix out to you quickly. Also do you run any other Gmail related addons that might be conflicting with Integrated Inbox — we’d like try to recreate the issue.

    If you can send us a log file, that would be helpful too — just go to Firefox > Addons > Integrated Inbox – Options then send a log. See here: https://integratedinbox.clarify-it.com/d/wjenev


  • Written by: Stefan Messler

    I send a log. Here is a pic which would explain the error. I tried now another Add ON (Integrated Google Calender which has not this loading error) BUT i Prefer Integrated box 😉

    best regards
    Stefan Messler

    • Written by: integratedinbox

      Thanks for sending the log and screenshot Stefan, we’ll follow up with you on the log file ticket and resolve this asap and if it’s an issue for other users we’ll release a fix soon.

      We are glad to hear you prefer Integrated Inbox too — 😉

  • Written by: Stefan Messler


    best regards
    Stefan Messler

  • Written by: Matt Houston

    Hey, any update on when it’ll be available for chrome? I’ve been waiting patiently 🙂

    • Written by: h4x3114

      YES PLEASE! It has been forever…

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